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Whoopi (Sold out)

  • 80x100 cm 
  • Oil paint on linen
  • Cow
  • 2021

Discover the enchanting world of this oil painting, a 80x100cm artwork that captures the grace of a cow in a unique way. With a deep black background, the cow is showcased in all her glory, making the painting an impressive visual statement in any space.


The inspiration for this artwork came directly from the natural beauty of the countryside of Vessem, in my own neighborhood. A peaceful pasture, inhabited by curious young cows, served as the living canvas for my creativity. During a leisurely walk through this idyllic piece of nature, the curious cows crowded around to discover who the visitor was - myself.


The special little cow that inspired this painting turned out to be full of confidence and charm. She continuously pushed forward, as if she wanted to present herself as the star of the pasture. Her quirky behavior and expression formed the essence of my artistic interpretation.

Unfortunately, this unique artwork has already been sold and now graces the home of a fortunate owner. But don't let this discourage you! Discover other breathtaking creations that are still available, each painting being an exclusive piece. Explore the gallery and add a touch of originality to your space. Don't miss your chance to own a unique artwork.

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