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Angie (Sold out)

  • 50x50 cm 
  • Oil paint on linen
  • Black Angus cow
  • 2023

Meet Angie, a lovingly painted portrait of a young Black Angus cow who steals hearts with her wet nose, big eyes, and shiny black coat. This beautiful painting, measuring 50x50 cm, is accentuated by a hand-painted black frame that gives the artwork a timeless appeal.


The inspiration for this artwork comes directly from the grassy pastures across from my studio, where a herd of Black Angus cows roams in an idyllic natural area. A special moment of interaction with two mischievous ladies from this herd formed the core of my creative process. When they escaped and I had to wait for assistance to lead them back to the pasture, I had the opportunity to observe them, and in turn, they observed me.

Unfortunately, this unique artwork has already been sold and now graces the home of a fortunate owner. But don't let this discourage you! Discover other breathtaking creations that are still available, each painting being an exclusive piece. Explore the gallery and add a touch of originality to your space. Don't miss your chance to own a unique artwork.

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