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The moment of my first brushstroke on canvas gave me the feeling of coming home.

I am Gerrie Mathijssen, born in 1973, and I only entered the art world in 2011.


As a self-taught artist driven by an unparalleled passion, I discovered my calling the moment I first put a brush to canvas. It was a moment of coming home, a moment when my artistic journey found its definitive direction.


In my artistic journey, I chose to highlight the beauty of animals. I decided to portray each one individually, large on the canvas, with a serene and often dark background that focuses all attention on the animal’s impressive beauty.


My artistic journey has been marked by an unrelenting pursuit of perfection. Without formal art education, I chose to forge my own path, fearing that external influences might cloud my unique vision. Instead, I immersed myself deeply in the world of painting, driven by an unstoppable passion to develop my skills and define my own style.

Gerrie met het portret van Eros de Rottweiler

Love for animals

Painting animals with oil paint quickly becomes an obsession. With small brushes, I apply layer after layer, each stroke infused with meticulous attention and love. The result is impressive; the animals seem to come to life on the canvas, their distinct personalities captured in every brushstroke.


But my work goes beyond mere technical perfection. My love for animals is boundless, and each portrait reflects this deep connection. To me, animals are not just subjects to paint; they are individuals, each with their own personality and unique beauty that I aim to reveal through my paintings.


To strengthen this deep connection, I personally meet each animal I paint. I observe their behavior, study their features, and draw inspiration from their unique personalities. The result is a series of portraits that capture not only the physical attributes of the animal but also their inner essence and character.


Each painting is given a name, not just a label, but an expression of the relationship between me and my subject. Like an old friend who holds a special place in my heart, each animal receives a name that suits its personality and presence. A name for each distinctive animal I have captured on canvas, such as Lilly the cow or Divo the Vulture. These names are more than just words; they are expressions of connection and respect, immortalized in paint and passion.



The recognition of my work has spread, not only in my home country but also far beyond. My paintings find their way to art collectors and animal lovers worldwide, who are moved by the depth and beauty of my work. Until a few years ago, I regularly exhibited at art fairs and other events in the Netherlands and Belgium.


Although I am still frequently invited to exhibitions and events, I have chosen to expand my studio, where I now permanently display my art. It is a cozy, informal place where everyone is welcome.


For me, the studio is not just a place to work but a sanctuary where I can bring my creative vision to life. The serene environment of my studio provides the space and inspiration to express my deepest emotions and connections with the animal world.


I enjoy the contact with my collectors and fans, who inspire and motivate me to continue my artistic journey. Their enthusiasm and appreciation fuel my creative spirit and drive me to reach new heights in my work. Through their love for my art, I feel connected to a larger whole, a community of like-minded souls who share the same passion for the beauty of animals and the power of art.


These special moments provide me with the opportunity to exhibit my work in unique and meaningful locations outside my studio, which capture my heart.


Whether it’s a historic building steeped in history or a modern art gallery that presents my work in an innovative way, I feel honored to be part of these unique experiences.


Would you like to stay updated on these special exhibitions? Visit my website regularly, where I post updates about upcoming events and exhibitions. Or join Gerrie's Collectors Club to receive email notifications.


Additionally, if you have a special location where you would like to display my art, feel free to contact me. I am always open to new opportunities and eager to hear your ideas.

For me, art is not just a form of expression; it is a way of life, a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration.


My paintings are more than simple images on a canvas; they are a window into the soul of nature, a tribute to the timeless beauty of the animal world.

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