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Lilly (Sold out)

  • 80x100 cm 
  • Oil paint on linen
  • Cow
  • 2021



Discover the charm of my unique oil painting, a 100x80cm artwork featuring a funny and sweet cow as the main character. This special artwork is inspired by an encounter with a local cow, which served as the perfect model for this painting. During a walk in the nature surrounding my studio, I came across her. Her wet nose protruded curiously, as if she wanted to give me a big kiss. I captured this sweet moment in this painting.


The painting of the cow not only radiates love and warmth but also the beauty of the natural environment. The vibrant colors and detailed brushstrokes bring to life the unique bond between humans and animals.

Unfortunately, this unique artwork has already been sold and now graces the home of a fortunate owner. But don't let this discourage you! Discover other breathtaking creations that are still available, each painting being an exclusive piece. Explore the gallery and add a touch of originality to your space. Don't miss your chance to own a unique artwork.

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