the powerful presence of a Cinereous Vulture


180x80 cm 

Oils on linen



Prijs: € 7500,-

Discover the enchanting world of "Divo," an exclusive oil painting that gains extra allure with its beautiful framing in a stylish, hand-painted black tray frame. With an impressive size of 180x80cm, this artwork exudes timeless elegance.


"Divo" unveils the powerful presence of a Cinereous Vulture, captured with attention to detail. The imposing beak and piercing eyes immediately draw attention, but it is the lush collar of feathers that reveals the true essence. Like a royal mantle, the feathers evoke the image of a noble figure from the Middle Ages - a true Divo, imbued with pride and splendor.


The interplay of colors in the feathers and subtle lighting enhance this image, while the background, treated with a special technique, adds depth and layering. Discover the hidden nuances in every brushstroke and be transported to a world of serene beauty. "Divo" is more than just a painting; it is a unique expression of beauty and refinement.


Bring the timeless splendor of "Divo" into your home and let yourself be enchanted by its aristocratic allure.

  • Framed in a hand-painted, black tray frame.
  • The artwork is the original, unique oil painting.
  • No reproductions or prints of this painting are currently or will be released in the future.
  • The artwork is signed by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Due to variations in (computer) screens, colors may differ.
  • This painting can be viewed up close at my studio in Vessem.
  • The painting can be picked up at my studio or can be shipped worldwide.

Below you see some INSPIRING photo's to show how DIVO is an eye catcher in every home.

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