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  • 30x30 cm 
  • Oil paint on linen
  • Steller's Sea eagle
  • De Plumage collectie
  • 2023

Prijs: € 950,-

Discover the enchanting beauty of "Destiny," a captivating oil painting capturing the powerful head of a Steller's sea eagle against a serene dark background. With its penetrating, curious gaze and striking yellow beak, this artwork stirs the soul and brings the grandeur of nature into the home. 


This unique painting, sized 30x30 cm, is beautifully framed in a wooden tray frame. "Destiny" invites you to explore the world of the Steller's sea eagle, a bird known for its imposing size and powerful presence. The yellow beak, a striking feature, symbolizes the brightness of this majestic raptor.


Bring the natural beauty of the Steller's sea eagle into your home and admire the fascinating details of "Destiny" daily.

  • Framed in a hand-painted, wooden tray frame.
  • The artwork is the original, unique oil painting.
  • No reproductions or prints of this painting are currently or will be released in the future.
  • The artwork is signed by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Due to variations in (computer) screens, colors may differ.
  • This painting can be viewed up close at my studio in Vessem.
  • The painting can be picked up at my studio or can be shipped worldwide.

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