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The pure power of a leopard comes to life.


90 x 90 cm 

Oil paint on linen



Prijs: € 5000,-

Discover the enchantment of "Charlie," a masterful oil painting measuring 90x90cm that brings the pure power of a leopard to life. Inspired by a real encounter with this fascinating animal, "Charlie" reflects the curious and alert gaze of the leopard's head, which I witnessed during my own observations. His piercing eyes, captured with exceptional detail, seem to gleam like mirrors of his soul.


The fur, with its lifelike appearance, is the result of carefully applied layers of paint, inspired by my meticulous study of the leopard. It was a remarkable experience to observe him and take in every aspect of his gaze, eyes, and fur. Back in my studio, I brought "Charlie" to life with passion and dedication, capturing every detail to encapsulate the essence of this majestic animal.


The artwork is beautiful framed in a hand-painted black tray frame, making it a timeless and stylish addition to any space. Bring the power and beauty of nature into your home with "Charlie" and experience the unique connection with the wild splendor of the leopard.

  • Framed in a hand-painted, black tray frame.
  • The artwork is the original, unique oil painting.
  • No reproductions or prints of this painting are currently or will be released in the future.
  • The artwork is signed by me and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Due to variations in (computer) screens, colors may differ.
  • This painting can be viewed up close at my studio in Vessem.
  • The painting can be picked up at my studio or can be shipped worldwide.

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